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Windows 10X facing likely delay as Microsoft regroups after pandemic

by Glenn

Windows 10X seems to be on the verge of an official delay, with new reports pointing to Microsoft being too busy regrouping in the immediate aftermath of the novel coronavirus pandemic to still have enough left in the tank for a serious service release by year end.

Microsoft’s last update on the matter came two months ago when it stated an explicit intent to pursue single-screen device implementations of Windows 10X over everything else. In light of this new delay looking increasingly more likely, dual-screen Windows 10X gadgets are now gradually becoming a lock-in for early 2022 instead of late 2021.

Don’t hold your breath for the Surface Neo

Assuming no further complications ensue, which is far from a guarantee in given the ongoing market instabilities, Microsoft could be ready to release the first generation of Windows 10X devices by next spring, ZDNet believes, citing insider confidence as a major factor contributing to its forecast.

Whatever happens, Windows 10X, as a platform, should still follow the originally outlined roadmap prioritizing B2B and educational users before diversifying itself into a more balanced ecosystem of apps and whatever hardware Microsoft conjures up to run them. The bottom line is that anyone eagerly anticipating gadgets like the Surface Neo probably shouldn’t be holding their breath but adjust their expectations to the reality of the Great Lockdown.