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The Motorola RAZR phone

by Glenn

The Motorola company is about to unveil the RAZR phone that has been a topic of speculation about its looks. Only a few facts have been exposed to date, such as a USB port type-c on the lower part of the phone. From the Motorola user manual that has been leaked, it’s evident that a power button acts as a fingerprint also.

Aside from the power button, other areas have been revealed

There is an external screen that is expected to be used for notifications. The phone will have a single front camera and a flash with a speaker between them. When closed, the phone has bulging hinges that give an impression of buttons. The phone is expected to have one camera on the back.

From the concealed phone manual, it indicates a possibility of the phone having two batteries and one has been identified to have a 1,188 mAh which implies both batteries could have a capacity of 2,370 mAh. The phone can be a mid-range flagship due to the snapdragon 710. The RAZR phone may also have both fingerprint and face unlock security features.

For a mid-range foldable smartphone of this size, it is quite a compact device

It has simplified features such as single cameras on the front and back, a power button acting as a fingerprint sensor and two batteries. There is speculation that the phone will have a higher resistance capacity to water and will also come with headphones and a jack adapter.

Even though the phone seems to be behind in terms of foldable phones that increase the display significantly, some people appreciate smaller and compact phones. The operation practicability of the foldable smartphone will only be realized as time progresses. It may become the cheapest foldable phone in the market today. Let’s wait for the phone revelation and see if the leaked information matches the real one.