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They say good things come in small packages. The way we see it, only a giant could consider any chainsaw small. So what does Stihl do when they want to make a more compact saw? Well, since they don’t have Hank Pym’s shrinking particles, all they can really do is make the blade shorter and the body less bulky. That pretty much describes the Stihl MS170 Mini Boss Chainsaw.

Stihl MS170 Manual
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It’s small-ish. Don’t get us wrong, since it’s still a monstrous machine capable of wreaking havoc in the wrong hands. But compared to some of its big brothers like the Stihl MS250 and Stihl MS290, the 14″ blade doesn’t come off as all that menacing.

As rough as it looks, tree-cutting is actually a delicate process. And while there’s definitely a place for the bigger models, sometimes you need to make precise prunes of smaller branches that are nonetheless far too tough for garden scissors.

That’s where the MS170 comes in. But it’s not just precision cuts that the 170 is for, as the model doubles-up as an all-rounder that can handle all but the most difficult woodcutting task. The versatility probably means you’ll be referring to the MS170 manual more than once.

Where can I download the Stihl MS170 User Manual for free?

Like with any chainsaw, the first hurdle you’ll need to overcome is figuring out what kind of fuel to use and how to properly supplement it with oil. Since the MS170 is a more purpose-built saw, there are also limitations that you should be aware of before using it. As a member of the Stihl Manual Directory, our  Stihl MS170 user manual covers all that, and much more:

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