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Download the Stihl FS 38 user manual

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The grass in your garden has grown too bold. It thinks it owns the place. You will not stand for this. After all, it’s your garden. You grab your trusty Stihl lawn mower and tug the cable, only to find that the lawn mower is reluctant to engage the grass. “It’s too close to concrete and there’s too many weeds. I might get damaged,” says the mower.

Stihl FS 38 Manual

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Understandable as your anger is, don’t go smashing the mower just yet. All you need to cut the grass that’s growing in those sloped, tricky and slippery areas is a purpose-built machine. And if you have little experience trimming, you might as well start with the Stihl FS 38 Grass Trimmer.

The FS 38 ranks among the lightest trimmers out there, and the manufacturer won’t mince words as they tell you it’s ultra-maneuverable, a breeze to handle and so on. We don’t know about that, but we can agree that the ol’ 38 is an excellent choice for a novice gardener and can even be well-utilized by experts.

Like the Stihl FS 45 which we covered last week, the Stihl FS 38 runs on petrol. And, if you know anything about grass trimmers at all, you know that getting the right mixture of gas and oil in your weed killer without reading the Stihl FS 38 manual is close to impossible. Heck, we’d even say it’s dangerous to try.

Where can I download the Stihl FS 38 Grass Trimmer user manual?

There’s more to learn from Stihl PDF instructions than just potion brewery, however. The FS 38’s light weight makes it particularly susceptible to damage from rough handling, which includes blade and rotor damage from hitting solid surfaces one too many times.

If you want to know how to fire up the trimmer for the first time or are looking to make some DIY repairs, our Stihl FS 38 Grass Trimmer user manual will act as your guide: http://sharedf.com/documentation/stihl-fs-38-owners-instruction-manual/