With Microsoft and Sony on board, the future of Cloud Gaming looks bright

Tech NewsWith Microsoft and Sony on board, the future of Cloud Gaming looks...
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Both Microsoft and Sony are well known to all of us, and I believe that there’s not even one soul reading this article which doesn’t own, or at least didn’t spend a couple of hours with an Xbox or PlayStation, regardless of the generation.

On top of that, we’re also all aware that they were (and still are) competitors within the gaming industry, and I can’t say that this news doesn’t come as a surprise to me; we’re having two giants of the gaming world merging their efforts in a project which, at first, seems like an answer to Google’s Stadia project, but in truth acts as the first step in shaping the next generation of gaming consoles.

Two giants merging their efforts in a plan to create the next-gen gaming experience

One can say that the whole industry of Cloud Gaming Services is still a bit fresh, with Google’s Stadia on one side, and Nvidia’s Shadowplay on the other. Sure, Microsoft tried to push their xCloud idea, but the same project is still on the whiteboard. From all three, Stadia seems like the one which promises the most, with the fact that you can just open up your Chrome browser, Chromecast or any of your Google Pixel Devices and just start up a game. But, let’s keep our horses steady and let’s see what the future will bring us, both Microsoft and Sony are major corporations which still have some tricks up their sleve.

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