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S6 edge+ camera review

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Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has a high-quality 5MP front (wide 22mm angle in 35mm format) and 16MP rear camera (28mm angle). These advanced cameras have already exceeded quality of compact cameras up to $300 and against them they offer even more options with even better photos in low light. But, the front camera is not as good as on LG G4 or iPhone 6S. For more, check the rest of our review.

Galaxy S6 edge+ camera review

S6 Edge+ camera application starts up in a half a second. First image is fired instantaneously, and the application offers a bunch of options that are relatively easy to handle. You can use AUTO or manual, switch from the front to the rear camera. In professional mode you can adjust white balance, ISO, exposure, and shutter speed. The camera also has a macro mode, panorama shooting or fast motion for photos of moving animals, sports or children while running. Camera can simultaneously record with front and rear camera. However, LG G4 has better arranged advanced options in the camera application and is supports RAW image format. Below you can check our video review for Galaxy S6 Edge+ cameras.

During the day, the image quality is on a high level. Details have some noise, but still you can recognize the details. The colors are accurate. Most of the photos from this phone will be highly usable for travel, family gatherings, photographing friends and almost all purposes, even for use in a simpler business purposes.

In low light conditions, the camera has a LED flash that can reach up to 3 meters. Lens features F1.9 aperture which means that it absorbs a lot of light to where there is very little. Noise is somewhat stronger, but still photos look sharp when reduced to 5 or 2 megapixels. At night you will get very usable photos. On ISO 1000 therefore it has a bunch of noise, but the image is usable.

Rear camera captures 4K video at 30 frames per second or a little richer and better stabilized video in Full HD 1080p resolution at 60 fps. Video quality is very good but image quality has a poor level of detail. Huge plus is the perfect image stabilization, so this camera on S6 edge+ can be used for some basic YouTube production.

In low light conditions, the rear camera has LED lighting for video recording that reaches up to 1.5 meters in front. Video has noise and blurry details at night, and focuses more slowly. Therefore, there are better video cameras on smartphones.


Front 5MP camera

The front camera has 5 megapixels (2592×1944) and as said before, a wide angle – 22mm in 35mm format. It provides highly usable photos. However, details have noise and are sometimes destroyed. The quality will therefore be excellent when the photos are reduced to 2MP resolution. But LG G4 and iPhone 6S have a better front camera.

Front camera features F1.9 aperture lens, which means it can absorb a lot of light in conditions when there is not much. The photos are usable but sometimes show more shadows than details. This means that you will get the usable photos from your night out. Also, this front camera features a flash (the display brightness shines as flash).

Front camera captures 1440p video at 30 fps (frames per second). Video quality per day is at a high level – the picture is quite good for video selfies, although it is far from the quality of the rear camera.

In conditions with less light (or at night), video from the front 5MP camera captures a lot of noise, but still for selfies is again usable as you can see on the sample below.