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Whenever there’s a big car accident, everyone always focuses on the broken glass, bent steel and, in some cases, beaten-up drivers. What few talk about is how the accident happened in the first place. We’re not one to point fingers, but we’d say that cellphone usage while driving ranks very high on the list of culprits for these incidents.

But why? Why do people put themselves and others at such risk instead of getting a headset? Simple: they don’t want to look weird. Indeed, a lot of headsets can give off a wonky appearance or just generally feel cumbersome. Not Plantronics ones, though.

However you feel about this company or its unusual name, there’s no denying that they prioritize aesthetics when churning out their devices. In line with dozens of other attractive headsets, the Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset System is yet another gizmo that you’ll almost want to wear.

It comes with a detachable headband, allowing you to adjust the headphones based on your head shape. It’s light-and-dark grey and minimalistic, giving it extra style points. And, as you might have expected, having the word “System” in the product name means that configuring the device without the Plantronics CS50 manual could make you scratch the very head that the headset is supposed to rest on.

Where can I download the PDF version of the Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset System user manual?

While not as puzzling to set up as an office telephone system, the CS50 could still give you trouble. Like all similar devices, it needs to be connected to an anchor that’s going to send the signal, whether that’s a phone or computer. Since it operates through frequencies, you’ll have to figure out how to avoid interference from other devices using the Hz range. And then there’s the issue of maintenance and storage.

Don’t allow yourself to be thrown into deep waters by a device that’s barely larger than your smartphone. Get our Plantronics CS50 user manual, and you’ll soon be calling your cousin in Australia to brag about your fancy headset:

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