NVIDIA GTX 1170 specifications leaked, faster then 1080 TI?

Tech NewsNVIDIA GTX 1170 specifications leaked, faster then 1080 TI?
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The GTX 1070 Founders Edition was one of the best buy GPU’s of 2016., featuring specifications which out-performed the whole GTX 9xx line of cards. And although those features didn’t come for a low price, the fact is that this card was one of the best buy options for the majority of gamers, not only back in 2016. when it came out, but also in the years after. The card is now almost three years old, and we all know that NVIDIA is preparing the next generation, the GTX 1170, but so far we only had various speculations from hardware rumor sites – until today.

The official name is not known, but it’s faster then the 1080 TI

The specifications of the new card were leaked today, and to no surprise it featured 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, covering a 256-bit memory interface, which makes it possible to run the clock speeds at a 2.5 GHz. These numbers exceed Pascal and Volta, and it’s expected that the whole current line of GPU’s will stand behind the new best buy king.

One of the major deals is the fact that the card is outperforming the GTX 1080 for almost 40%, which makes the perfect base for all the upcoming 4k games, which we will be able to play on our 144hz monitors. You can check out the specs below, and for more info you can check out the rumors under this link.



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