Is the Nokia Steel HR worth the $200?

Tech NewsIs the Nokia Steel HR worth the $200?
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When Nokia entered the health market, everyone had a doubtful look, especially hardware enthusiasts and long-time fans of their phones. Although most of us decided to leave this former mobile phone giant where it belongs – in our memory as one of the best manufacturers of dummy phones ever, the company is still pushing hard. The same thing goes with their newest line-up of hybrid smart watches, which presents a stylish approach to a growing market. It looks cool, it’s priced right, but is it worth the hassle?

Nokia took a different path, and most of their line-up is completely outside Apple’s shadow

Let’s be honest here, most of the smart watch manufacturers formed their ideas and future plans with the Apple Watch in mind, that’s not a surprise, but Nokia took a different path. The watches look different, they combine a traditional watch and the power of the current smart ware tech, the pricing is affordable, and there are more then enough options for personalization. Should that be enough to convince a regular user to switch? Let’s see.

The watch offers 25 days of normal battery use, and around 5 days of workout use, which is mainly thanks to the smaller OLED screen, in comparison to other competitors. And although the battery is impressive, the main selling point is something completely different – the Activité activity tracker. With that particular technology, which Nokia acquired a few years ago, the watch is able to track several aspects of your health life, through one simple app: Nokia HealthMate.  And yes, there are downsides, but for this price and the stylish case, the Nokia Steel HR is a worth while investment if you’re looking for something new.

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