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The more we offer support for NEC devices, the more we feel that the manufacturer is constantly trying to one-up itself. First, they churn out regular phones. That’s not enough, so they’ll move onto office phones: VoIP, contact lists, all that.

But the fire persists. How can we reinvent telephony further and make an even complicated gadget to do something extremely straightforward? A bulb lights up, and the NEC SL1100 Telephone System is born. The name itself should tell you that NEC pulled out all the stops, almost as if taunting competitors to make a gizmo more convoluted.

So what’s a telephone system, anyways? Well, it’s a fancy way of describing a series of inter-connected phones in an office or similar establishment. You probably aren’t reading this because you need the manual to set the device up inside your home: the SL1100 is used almost exclusively in places where many different phone units need to work seamlessly together, with easy call forwarding and different hold options.

By this point, you’re probably realizing that you shouldn’t even unwrap this thing before consulting the NEC SL1100 manual. That’s an astute realization. Connecting multiple phones can be an immense hassle, and each additional unit threatens to compromise the entire network if the person setting everything up is scratching their head.

Where can I download the NEC SL1100 Telephone System User Manual in PDF?

Things become even more complicated when you throw in VoIP into the mix. As you know, even a single VoIP phone can take some knowledge to power up, to speak nothing of an entire network of the buggers. To avoid looking unprofessional in the worst possible time by forwarding the call to the CEO instead of customer support, get our NEC SL1100 user manual and learn how to connect the wires:

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