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We’ve spoken before how NEC office phones are a mix between a standard corded table phone and a smartphone. Okay, to be fair, we’ve sort of criticized them: it does feel that right when LCD display phones came out and became a novelty, smartphones swept the world market and the innovation became… less innovative.

Still, you’ll see something like the NEC DT300 Series DTL-8LD-1 Office Phone on nearly every office desk you come across. Why? Because it’s fairly easy to use compared to smartphone technology, and you wouldn’t want to burden your office workers with extra chores when they’re likely already overloaded.

We like this model in particular because of its design: while most office phones have a dull look to them, there clearly went a bit of thought into designing the DT300. It’s slick, stylish and can even be used in a non-traditional setting without sticking out like a sore thumb.

And while we do make a point how office phone technology is outdated, that doesn’t mean something like the DT300 is easy to use. Every device needs configuring right out of the box, and desktop phones are no different: without the NEC DT300 manual, you could spend hours going through its various modes and settings while your clients nervously wait, thinking that another company might service them better.

Where can I download the NEC DT300 Series DTL-8LD-1 Office Phone User Manual?

With a thorough overview of the NEC DT300 user manual, you’ll be able to forward calls with the click of a button, allowing you to focus on other things that are part of your daily routine. It’ll also explain how to configure the phone’s built-in address book, as well as various other things that desktop phones offer. Get the manual here, and waste no time becoming the employee of the month in your office:

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