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Most Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects

by Glenn

The Raspberry Pi is a compact-sized computer, not much larger than a credit card, made famous for its flexibility and potential of creating thousands of different projects with a bit of effort. A display of some kind is required to get it running, and input devices such as a mouse and keyboard. This tiny computer got created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity organization from the United Kingdom, supported by Broadcom, an American-based semiconductor designer and manufacturer. From 2012 when the first iteration of the Raspberry Pi got released to today, several versions of the computer have been removed, with improvements in performance, connectivity, and form factor. It is a low-cost, modular and open-source solution for hobbyists to participate in many different projects, some of which we will be covering today.

Raspberry PySlots – Raspberry Pi Slot Machine

Raspberry PySlots is a comprehensive project created by Element14’s forum member CharlesGantt. The machine’s housing uses foam core, a lightweight material easy to cut and shape, perfect for this project. The Raspberry Pi connects to a 7-inch touch screen display, and there is another control board tossed into the mix, called the Arduino Nano. This example is a prime scenario of how it is possible to create a real casino-style slot machine with a personal twist.

Home-made slot machines such as the Raspberry PySlots certainly bridge the gap between classic, large casino establishments and the online casino gaming experience that is growing increasingly popular. There are plenty of games to play on a Raspberry Pi-based machine that matches the experience. Games such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead, and similar classics, so it is possibly worth the time invested into the recreation of a real slot machine if time is not an issue. For people looking for a quick jolt of casino gaming, it has never been simpler to hop on a website to play some casino games or place sportsbooks bets, another gaming experience that ties the two close together.

Raspberry Pi Speed Trap

There is an immense amount of technology principles to learn using the Raspberry Pi. Another good example is a speed trap that uses machine learning principles to identify speeding vehicles and record their overspeeding. The gimmick can record this data and relay it on a cloud with the help of a cellular module. Other vital components used in the project include Raspberry Pi 4, a PiCamera, a radar sensor, a primary display, and a battery pack.

Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror

One of the simplest but certainly most attractive and possibly practical Raspberry Pi projects is the Google Home Smart Mirror. With integration to Google Assistant, this mirror looks like it came from the next century, or at least from an Iron Man movie, as it provides live data such as weather, news, and information on request, courtesy of Google. The author of the project specifies that it is possible to build this mirror within 2 hours.