Magic Leap One Augmented Reality

Tech NewsMagic Leap One Augmented Reality
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Growing up I remember wishing that the Pokemon or Harry Potter Universe was real. The thought of dropping out of school to become a wizard or Pokemon trainer occupied my mind for endless hours, sometimes at the expense of my homework. Well today I came across something so incredible that my childhood dreams might actually become reality (or as close to it as possible).

I’m talking about Magic Leap, an augmented reality device that utilizes natural light waves and softly layered light fields to embed a world inside your living room. The creator mode runs on its own open source operating system called Lumin OS designed specifically for this product. While you do need to have some technical knowledge to build, it doesn’t mean you need it to enjoy.

What makes it so astounding outside using the brain and retina as a canvas, is its ability to fuse the real world with the digital. The sensors in the Magic Leap ONE make digital objects contextually aware meaning that if a robot was running along your countertop it would fall off when it passes the edge..or take off and fly. The spatial audio feature is just as remarkable so you would be able to hear something sneaking up on you as the noise will get louder as it gets closer.

This is one of the coolest new gadgets I’ve seen in a long time and the opportunities are endless. So for you daydreamers out there, the time might soon come where you can bring that fantasy world you loved growing up right to your own home.

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