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In the last revision of our site we have updated the Logitech PDF Manual Directory, where we added several user manuals. Although the most popular search is definitely the Logitech K400 PDF Manual, we decided to also include the less popular models, like the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 which we’re going to cover today.

If you were one of the HP Compaq or Lenovo Thinkpad owners, then you certainly remember the good old M510, a mouse which was one of those products which were paired with almost every Compaq or Thinkpad out there. But there was a reason for it – this little wireless mouse knew how to handle stress, and owners certainly appreciated that. It represented the perfect “go to solution” if you would need a secondary mouse which you would just threw right in to the bag and continue your busy workday.

Now, although Logitech did pack a M510 User Manual, it came within that little green box in which the mouse came, some of us do tend to lose it or throw it away – it happens. Luckily, there’s a solution for it!

Where can I download the Logitech M510 PDF Manual free of charge?

The Logitech M510 User Manual can be found right over at ShareDF, a file sharing platform which offers a secure way of downloading files on the internet. Just jump over to this link and the file will be waiting for you:

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