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Logitech announces the G923 Racing Wheel

by Glenn

By combining the G920 exterior with G29 features, Logitech’s newly announced G923 puts the age-old debates over which one is a better choice for PC gaming to rest. In doing so, it also manages to be Logitech’s best “value” racing wheel to date, which automatically makes it an attractive proposition to most racing sim aficionados in training; that is, people who are currently shopping for their first somewhat serious wheel.

Succeeding no matter what vs. succeeding specific 5-year-old devices

At $399.99, that’s precisely the role befitting the G923. But if you already own either of the aforementioned models that Logitech essentially combined into a single device here, don’t feel pressured to upgrade. The performance differences between the G923 and either one of its 2015 predecessors should be minimal at best, primarily on account of the fact the only major difference across the two steering wheel generations is an upgraded force feedback engine called TrueForce – and there’s only so much iterative FFE tech can accomplish in 2020.

With that said, the G923 seems like an attractive entry point into the world of racing simulations, especially seeing how it offers native support for some of today’s most popular such games. Between Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing, Logitech made sure the G923 has plenty of optimized content to keep its future owners entertained straight out of the box.

Combined with support for both the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as their incoming successors, this piece of gaming hardware certainly seems like a decent investment, even if Logitech continues to insist on selling a compatible gear stick separately. If nothing else, the good ol’ Driving Force Shifter will do a perfectly fine job of complementing the newly launched G923.

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Source: TekTick.com