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If you’re familiar with LiftMaster‘s line of garage door openers, you know that the model numbers tend to number in the thousands. So how can one that numbers in the hundreds be called MAX? We can’t answer that.

What we can tell you, however, is that the LiftMaster 877MAX is one handy device to have. They’ll tell you that garage door controllers are handy, and sure, they are, until you lose them. Then they’re not so handy all of a sudden: you’re calling the repairing service, your car is being hit by snow, you’re wondering what kind of villain got a hold of your controller and so on.

With the LiftMaster 877MAX Wireless Keyless Entry System, such worries no longer exist. You don’t have to rely on a tiny controller that can fall out of your pocket, slip out of your bag or… well, you get us. You won’t have to search the entire house for the remote in order to open the garage. All you’ll need is a passcode and you’re good to go.

Sure, walking to the garage to open the door every time can be a bit of a hassle, which is why this model is rarely seen on your average residential home. That doesn’t mean it can’t fit there well, and you aren’t likely to regret opting for it instead of the standard remote-controlled models.

Let’s skip to the obvious, though. What if you forget the passcode? In that case, you better have the LiftMaster 877MAX Manual ready.

Where can I download the user manual for the LiftMaster 877MAX Wireless Keyless Entry System?

These instructions will tell you what to do in case you got a few digits wrong and are locked out of your garage. They’ll also go over the technical bits, like how to actually connect the thing to your garage door if you’re used to standard openers. Whether you’re a layman, handyman or just tend to forget passcodes a lot, the LiftMaster 877MAX user manual is waiting for you all the same:

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