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Most LiftMaster devices are pretty straightforward. As you’d imagine, they lift garage doors. Occasionally, they pull them too. Yet every now and then, the manufacturer decides to throw us a curveball.

We’ve found the LiftMaster MyQ 7675 Garage Door Opener to be a prime example of that. It’s not that the controller differs greatly from other models in the line, or that there’s a special caveat to using it. It’s more like it’s a hidden treasure among garage door controllers.

If you’ve found yourself in possession of this model, doing a quick search on it might have left you puzzled. It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist. Furthermore, even the manufacturer seems unclear on how to name it. Some call it the 7675, while others label it as LiftMaster 41D7675 or LiftMaster 1d7675. The whole thing is beginning to sound like a detective novel.

We imagine it’s quite stressful to own a ghost garage door controller. How do you troubleshoot something when there’s no mention of it? The better question is: you didn’t think Gadget Preview was going to leave you hanging, did you?

Of course not. We’ve scoured the steaming factories, moldy garages and old bookshelves to find the Liftmaster 7675 manual for our dear readers. Better yet, we digitalized it so that you can get the info you need wherever you are, with just a single click.

Where can I download the PDF version of the Liftmaster 7675 User Manual?

When you open the Liftmaster 7675 user manual, though, you’ll find that there isn’t really a good reason for this model to lurk in obscurity. It’s a straightforward, reliable and long-lasting garage door opener featuring the much-needed MyQ function.

That’s not to say it can’t still give you trouble, though. Like most controllers, the setting-up process can be a chore, which is why you should follow our link and claim your forgotten treasure:

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