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Legends of Zelda: BOTW 2 is Just Around the Corner

by Glenn

Among the flurry of announcements on the Nintendo Direct event at E3, most fans wanted to hear more about the highly anticipated sequel to critically acclaimed AAA hit The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We saw the first glimpse of the new Zelda game in 2019 with a short trailer and dungeon crawling highlights. Though Nintendo didn’t reveal a lot, the announcement we got to see from the second trailer told us a lot, and here is what we know so far. 

BOTW 2 Release Date 

If we look at the timeline, the new Legends of Zelda is in production for a while. Since the 2017 release of the Breath of the Wild, Nintendo released two DLCs, and as developers had numerous ideas, they soon decided to develop a whole new game.  

The fans speculated about the release of the sequel, and now after the E3 announcement and new trailer, we know for sure that the game will come out in 2022. It’s a historic date for the Zelda franchise since it will be the 35th anniversary of the original. However, we still don’t know the exact date for an open-world adventure set in the kingdom of Hyrule.  

Return Of The Floating Cities 

While we’re left in the dark about the exact release date after Nintendo Direct, we know much more about the game. Nintendo still didn’t reveal the game’s title, but it did show its open world in all its majestic beauty. The original BOTW game got praise for its nonlinear approach, a vast open-world and few and far between Nintendo Switch Error Codes.  

In the new trailer, we saw a glimpse of the upgraded expansive Hyrule world. The biggest takeaway from BOTW 2 trailer is the re-introduction of floating cities and options for jumping through and paragliding. These were clear ideas from Skyward Sword and incredible addition to the already massive world. It will be interesting to see how developers will implement the additional sky-high level.  

The most amusing part of the teaser video is Link jumping of a floating city. But, of course, his paragliding abilities will make much more sense in the sequel. 

Flagship Title For Switch OLED? 

There are numerous speculations about the Switch successor device. Another successful handheld device from Nintendo offers probably the best truly mobile gaming experience but with some hardware limitations. In 2022, the company has a couple of anniversaries, and one of the opinions sees Breath of the Wild 2, or whatever name will be, as a flagship game for the possible new gaming console. 

2022 writing at the end of the E3 announcement trailer gives us a broad approximation about the release date. New things like floating cities, more diverse dungeon crawling and visuals from the video hint about the open world and gameplay. If the sequel repeats the formula of the original, it could be a huge success.  

With additional layers of content, it might surpass the 24 million copies sold of the ultimate Nintendo Switch hit, The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So hopefully, we’re in for another game of the year candidate.