Keychron K1 is the perfect mechanical keyboard for your Mac

Tech NewsKeychron K1 is the perfect mechanical keyboard for your Mac
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I have been updating my iMac machines for the past seven years, and although I fell in love with the iMac as a device, the keyboard always left me wanting more. I was even more angered when I started comparing the good ol’ Apple keyboard with the rest of the gaming and mechanical keyboards on the market.

Why didn’t I get one of those huge, chunky and ugly looking RGB powerhouses you’re asking? It just doesn’t fit my workplace or the overall minimal design of my desk. I wanted something smaller and simpler with dedicated Mac keys on it, maybe even wireless with dedicated macro keys. But, until now I couldn’t find the right model.

Luckily, Keychron entered the game.

Keychron K1 is the update I expected from Apple

Several years ago the whole industry shifted to mechanical keyboards, featuring low profile blue and red switches on their keyboards and gaming/enthusiast laptops. As of now there are hundreds of really good combinations out there – except for Apple. But, finally, Keychron presented an almost perfect solution to it.

For $84 you will get the Keychron K1 RGB version for Mac, which get you a wireless and low profile mechanical keyboard that can fit up to 10 hours of usage, with an option of going with single white backlit model that can boost that number for another 5 hours. The device is connected and charged through an included USB Type-C cable together with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

Although there’s a dedicated Siri key, I would say that the coolest button of the K1 is the screenshot one, so you don’t have to break your fingers with CMD+SHIFT+4 anymore..

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