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Download the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596 user manual

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As useful as they are, refrigerators can be a bit… dull. It’s always the same thing: a plain-looking door for the refrigerator below, an equally plain, slightly smaller door for the freezer above, and the standard kitchen white hue that we all know and loathe.

Well, Kenmore is one company that isn’t afraid to experiment when it comes to established designs. For proof of that, you need not look further than the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596. It’s about as innovative as refrigerators get: two doors instead of one and a freezer at the base instead of the top. Daring, right?

The whole thing gives off a closet vibe, but you’d be wrong to think that they’re in the same ballpark when it comes to difficulty of setting up and maintenance. In those terms, closets are easy-mode, while refrigerators can reach slowly-losing-my-mind mode. Ice buildups, floods, loose rubber vacuums… the nightmarish scenarios keep piling up. With our Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596 manual, though, you’ll ensure that your dreams are as pleasant as that of a baby. Wait, do babies have pleasant dreams? Come to think of it, they cry a lot…

Where can I find the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596 User Manual?

As if the bold design wasn’t enough of a clue, Kenmore went as far as to label this refrigerator series as “elite”. If you have any experience with appliances at all, you know that designations such as these tend to translate to a bucket-load of features, many of which you probably don’t need, and most of which you aren’t sure how to utilize.

The Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596 user manual hears your pain, as it provides in-depth coverage of the fridge’s various features, outlines regular maintenance steps and covers virtually any issue that could occur. Get it here and show off your fancy new fridge to your friends without fears that it will fall apart when the doors are opened: http://sharedf.com/documentation/kenmore-refrigerator-model-596-owners-instruction-manual/