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Download the Kenmore 600 Series Washer user manual

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Just the other day we were watching Home Alone here at the office. We figured: why not relax from all the gadget news and enjoy a nice comedy? Anyways, in the movie, Macaulay Culkin doesn’t just fight the bad guys, but also a washing machine that looks an awful lot like a Kenmore model.

In fact, to the trained eye, it looked about the same as a Kenmore 600 series 3.5 cu ft machine. Of course, it couldn’t have been, since these are a bit newer, but we could swear it was at the time. But do you know how we knew it’s not the 600 series? Because Macaulay eventually overcomes his fear of the washing machine and all is good and well.

If it really was the good old 600, it would have probably defeated him soundly. It’s one powerful, fast-spinning washing machine, even though it doesn’t rank among the poshiest models. Everyone we’ve talked to says that their clothes come out looking brand-new after washing and that the thing almost never breaks.

Key word being “almost”. Like all appliances, the Kenmore 600 is prone to faults, and when they happen, you want to have the Kenmore 600 Series Washer manual on hand. Broken-down appliances that connect to the home’s water pipes tend to flood the house in short order unless the user knows how to do damage control before a plumber arrives.

Where can I download the Kenmore 600 Series Washer User Manual?

Not that you’ll need a plumber with our Kenmore 600 Series 26132 Washer user manual, of course. Get it from our link, and you’ll place the washing machine under your control just as Macaulay did in the 90s: https://sharedf.com/kenmore-600-series-washer-manual/