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InkEvolved is now PrinterHeadlines.com

by Glenn

Nowadays, the market for printers is vast; you can find a printer in practically any shape, colour, or size. However, despite the great demand for printers, there is one side of printing that many users face daily – troubleshooting. Not because they cannot troubleshoot it, but because there is such a lack of guidance in this field. 

Three years, four friends, and one helpdesk to help us in our printing trouble. When InkEvolved got formed, printer users finally have a specific place to go to for all their troubleshooting needs, whether it be how to change the ink cartridge or figure out why it isn’t printing.  

Fast forward a few years, after helping tens of thousands of people and providing them with more than 1000 articles, InkEvolved decided it is time to step up their game by rebranding. For starters, InkEvolved will now be known as PrinterHeadlines.  

A New Collection of Printers  

One of the many improvements happening with this rebrand is that four new writers will come to the team. They had four authors in charge of their printer, specifically Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon. Now they’ve welcomed new team members and new printers that visitors will have troubleshooting access on their disposals. They are Lexmark, Konica, Dymo and Ricoh. 

In the new printer content company, visitors will go to the PrinterHeadlines site to troubleshoot articles and manuals, best buys, reviews, news, and more.  

Vamping Up Social Media 

In addition to that, after spending years focusing on other aspects of the InkEvolved brand, they decided it was time to take matters into their own hands with their social media platforms. Although they already have an active Facebook account, the amount of content has been sparse, so more time will be devoted to more regular posting and perhaps even open a page on other platforms such as Twitter.  

3D Printers on the Horizon  

They are already bringing on new printers, so they will stick to focusing on them for the time being. In the meantime, behind the scenes, they will conduct additional research and investigation on 3D printers. The hope is to get content about them as soon as possible.  

Another worthwhile behind-the-scenes work that is happening is a webpage page’ facelift,’ so to say. For hosting, this time, they decided to move away from the unmanaged WordPress platform and started to test out the managed solution from Kinsta. Added to that, the team choose the tagDiv platform due to its good ratio of features and performance. Go to PrinterHeadlines to get the first glimpse of all the advancements.