HP Printer Error Code Cheat Sheet

TroubleshootingHP Printer Error Code Cheat Sheet
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Hey there, welcome to another tutorial of mine! Last week I published the tutorial on how to extend the life of an ink cartridge, and today I’m going to talk about HP Printer Error Codes.

To start of, I remember my first printer, it was a HP model for around $80, maybe $90 tops. Back then they were quite popular since they introduced several lines of affordable printers through the States. I thought that my model was cheap, but soon enough I figured out that you could get a printer with half full ink cartridges for even less then that. For HP that was quite a move since they mostly focused on business customers and office/seminar room equipment. Regardless of that, with that amount of affordable devices, HP generated a vast amount of users, which in return backfired with device failures.

To manage all of that, they tried to stick all the errors in to codes, and today I’m going to talk about them. Not just a few mind you, I’m going to cover the full list, and there are over 30 of them.

But before I start, you don’t have to go through the whole list code by code, feel free to use CTRL + F in your browser and type in your code number as “HP Printer Error Code Error x” with x representing the number, and you will find it on the list below within seconds.

To start of the list, let’s go through the error codes which you can solve by yourself with just a few clicks or through a power cycle.

HP Printer Error Code List with solutions

Easy to solve HP Printer Error Codes

In this category we have the simple error codes connected mainly to the drivers, ink or toner cartridges and other easy to solve situations. It’s recommended that you try to solve it by yourself since it’s just a few minutes of work.

  • HP Printer Error Code 02 – One of the most common issues, the computer is telling you that there is either a driver or printer cable problem. Power cycle the device, and if it doesn’t work, try to unplug everything and leave it for a few minutes like that, then connect it back on and try to reinstall the drivers. If the problem persists (which is not that common), then it might be a hardware problem and you should contact the customer support.
  • HP Printer Error Code 10 – This error is also called the “Supplies Memory Error”, and it indicates that the machine is not recognizing the ink or toner cartridge chip, it can’t read it. Again, try resetting the device, and if the problem persists, see if you can somehow fix the cartridge problems, if not, there might be either a hardware issue  with the cartridges or with the device. This problem usually comes up when people try to exchange chips between new and old cartridges.
  • HP Printer Error Code 11 – This one is simple, your printer needs paper, add new sheets to the tray.
  • HP Printer Error Code 12 -You either didn’t install the ink or toner cartridges properly or the cover of the printer is still open, check everything and try again.
  • HP Printer Error Code 13 – This error code indicates a paper jam, follow the instructions on screen.
  • HP Printer Error Code 14 – The device is not recognizing your ink or toner cartridges, reinstall them to solve it.
  • HP Printer Error Code 16 – Ink or toner level is low or the cartridges are completely empty, exchange them to solve it.
  • HP Printer Error Code 20 – The print job is to large and can’t fit in to the printers memory, either send all the documents separately to the device or try reducing the DPI of the document.
  • HP Printer Error Code 21 – Similar error as above, printer memory exceeded.
  • HP Printer Error Code 22 – The devices are not recognizing each other, either the printer doesn’t see the PC or the PC doesn’t see the printer. Either way, check the connection between them and make sure that the cable and the slots are working properly.
  • HP Printer Error Code 24 – Printer can’t handle that many print jobs, again, make them smaller.
  • HP Printer Error Code 25 – Similar error as above, printer memory exceeded.
  • HP Printer Error Code 30.1 – At first it looks complicated, the hard disk drive within your machine has crashed, but is usually solved with one click on the devices screen. Check the device and the printer program for further instructions (usually it pop’s up immediately after this happens).
  • HP Printer Error Code 40 – There has been a data transfer error, similar to the code 22, check all cable connections and make sure that the devices communicate properly with each other.
  • HP Printer Error Code 41 – Printer encountered an engine error, again, power cycle the device or plug it out completely for a few minutes and turn it back on, should solve the problem.
  • HP Printer Error Code 49 – This particular error can be a bit problematic since it depends from one printer to another, you can find the exact cause within the PDF manual of your exact device, but overall it’s associated with the firmware of the device. Try to update the firmware and do the power cycle process again, if it doesn’t help, then there is a hardware problem and you should contact the customer support.
  • HP Printer Error Code 51 – Usually happens with older models, the error indicates that there is a problem with the scanner or the tab on the bottom of your ink or toner cartridge is missing/broken.
  • HP Printer Error Code 54  – While exchanging your cartridge, you forgot to remove the sealing plastic/tape from it. Just do it properly and the device should work.
  • HP Printer Error Code 56  – This depends on the exact model of your printer, but is caused by either taking out the paper tray and pushing it back in, the stacker needs to be reinstalled, the duplex unit is not used correctly or it’s not enabled when printing envelopes.
  • HP Printer Error Code 60.xx – If you’re owning a newer model, then this error is quite common with them. The motorized tray lift can’t move properly, you need to check if there are any obstructions in it, staples, paperclips, pieces of plastic etc. Remove them and it should work.
  • HP Printer Error Code 69 – The duplex unit, which is used for double sided printing, has encountered an error. Either there is some type of obstruction on it or you need to insert the papers again.

Medium hard Printer Errors which ask either for a tutorial or some little skill

Here we’re talking about simple things which you can do by yourself if you know what to look for and what exactly to do. At this point, a HP User Manual would be useful, if you have one, if not, contact the HP customer support over phone to guide you through the process. Here’s the full list:

  • HP Printer Error Code 30 – This code is usually connected to the PostScript firmware errors , print an alternative PostScript file or reset the PostScript SIMM.
  • HP Printer Error Code 61 – The formatter board is defective, can also be bad memory SIMM’s. You need to reseat the memory chips or replace the formatter board to resolve this.  A defective formatter board or bad memory SIMMs has been detected. Reseating the memory chips or replacing the formatter board should resolve this.
  • HP Printer Error Code 62 – Same as above
  • HP Printer Error Code 63 – Same as above
  • HP Printer Error Code 64 – You might have a defective D.C. controller, you fitted the DIMM’s wrong, they might also be a firmware issue. Try power cycling or reseating the DIMM’s.
  • HP Printer Error Code 65 – Same as above
  • HP Printer Error Code 66 – You connected or installed an additional paper or envelope tray, check the connections and restart the device. If you can’t find a solution contact an HP engineer.
  • HP Printer Error Code 67 – Similar to the Service Printer Error or Printer Memory Error, check the paper trays and be sure that they are not damaged, together with the connection cables, and if that doesn’t work try reseating the SIMM’s.
  • HP Printer Error Code 68 – You’re having a NVRAM error, either it’s full or needs a reset.
  • HP Printer Error Code 59 – The motor is giving out an error, either the main one, the fuser motor, the ETC motor or the image drum one. Reseat or exchange the memory of the device to resolve the issue.

Difficult HP Printer Error Codes which ask for an HP engineer to solve it

HP Printer Error Code List with solutionsIf you’re within this category of errors, and still have a device which is under warranty, you need to go and service it immediately. In case it’s out of warranty, you can try and do it yourself with the help of YouTube tutorials and Amazon spare parts, but overall the best recommendation is to bring it to someone who knows what’s he’s doing.

So, to cover the errors:

  • HP Printer Error Code 50.1  – The printer is telling you that there is an error with the fuser, probably caused by a low temperature situation, and the fuser can’t warm up.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.2 – Again, similar to the above situation, the fuser can’t warm up or the warm-up period timed out.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.3 – This one is connected to the thermistor, which became to hot, so you’re having a high temperature problem.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.4 – In 99% of situations this is caused by a bad mains supply, with the fuser being defective.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.5 – This error means that the printer detected the wrong type of fuser, which is also caused by not replacing the fuser properly.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.6 – The device is overheating and the fuser heater has been cut-off.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.7 -This error is connected to the fuser pressure release mechanism failure, and is caused by the fuser drive motor.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.8 – The second thermistor is not working as it should, error detected with the thermistor.
  • HP Printer Error Code 50.9 – Again connected to the temperature, basically the fuser is to hot, so the device is telling you that it detected a high fuser temperature
  • HP Printer Error Code 52 –  The polygon mirror, which is used by the scanner, has encountered an error.
  • HP Printer Error Code 55 – The DC controller and the formatter are not communicating properly between each other, the error code indicates poor connection.
  • HP Printer Error Code 57.xx – The fans of your HP printer have failed to work, they probably need to be exchanged.
  • HP Printer Error Code 58.xx – This one is a bit complicated, it’s either the environmental sensor, the fans, power, memory or DC controller. Whatever it is, it needs assistants from a HP engineer.

Once again, please do not attempt to fix these errors if you’re not an engineer or a person who knows what’s he or she doing, you can not only damage the device but also hurt yourself in the process (I mean, it’s not like the printer is going to take a baseball bat and hit you with it, but there are chances of an electric shock and other fun-fun things with which you don’t want to tinker).

HP Printer Errors Codes which are rare and you’re probably cursed, or something, to actually get them

Here we’re talking about issues with the SIMM PostScript or you, somehow, forced an incompatible cartridge of an other device in to your device. Whichever it is, you’re going to get the HP Printer Error Code 70 or HP Printer Error Code 71.

What to do once you recognize what your error code is?

You’re having three solutions, and I would mainly focus on the first one, which is solving it by yourself. Once you see what the error is, try to google or YouTube the solution, in most cases thousands and thousands of people had the same error as you, and they either found a solution and shared it, or someone else helped them with writing a tutorial.

The second solution is to contact the customer support from HP and ask them t o guide you through the process. The third solution is to service the device, which is actually the last thing you want since then you’re without your printer for at least a week, and it’s not that efficient if you’re having a simple “restart me” error and you’re not willing to solve it yourself first.

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