Google Pixel 4 XL: Unglued Back Glass Panel Edition

Tech NewsGoogle Pixel 4 XL: Unglued Back Glass Panel Edition
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An ever-increasing number of Google Pixel 4 XL owners report that the back glass panels on their brand new smartphones have decided to divorce the phone’s body. Slowly but surely, the phone’s back panel is going its own way, with the glue that used to keep them attached failing at its one and only task.

There are many theories on why the problem might manifest. It could be the glue melting because of excessive heat when charging the smartphone wirelessly. Others say it’s because of the device’s battery, or rather its connection to the phone’s mainboard. A problematic connector could, states the theory, drive the battery to the point of failure, and make it swell. In turn, this swelling could push the back panel outwards, forcing it to pop-out.

Those remain theories, though, and there’s no definitive answer for the source of the problem. If the Pixel 4 XL enticed you, maybe it would be better to postpone your purchase until the Pixel 5’s release, expected to hit stores within the next two or three months.

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