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Download the D-Link DIR-628 user manual

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This D-Link device presents a deep philosophical question. If routers and range boosters can be combined into a single device, then why are they so often separate? Manufacturers know that table space is scarce. They know that the average computer user hardly has room for two bricks on their desk when one can do just fine. So, why?

We won’t get into that. We could, but we won’t. Instead, we’ll simply marvel at how compact of a solution the D-Link Rangebooster N Dual Band Router DIR-628 is (although the full name is hardly compact). If a 300mbps connection is all you can squeeze, you really don’t need to look further than the DIR-628. There aren’t many tradeoffs for the dual functionality: the router functions every bit as well as it should while still providing impressive range extension.

The more cynical among you will say that D-Link simply took one of their thousand look-alike routers and slapped two antennas on it. But let’s not be cynical. Not when we just cleared up some desk space like it was nothing.

One downside, however, is that two devices in one means that it’s twice as hard to configure it. That’s why our back was hurting quite a bit while we were carrying the D-Link DIR-628 manual to our repository. It has quite a few pages.

Where can I download the D-Link DIR-628 User Manual?

As you might have hoped, the instructions cover both the router and range extender parts of the device. You’ll find that setting up the thing is a lot less troublesome than getting two devices from potentially two different manufacturers to work together. That’s not to say it’s a walk in the park, though. We did say the D-Link DIR-628 user manual is extensive, and we meant it. And while reading a massive tome is hardly anyone’s idea of a fun time, it will all be worth it once you’re streaming your favorite show from a hundred yards away: http://sharedf.com/documentation/d-link-dir-628-owners-instruction-manual/