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Compared to the standard 300 and 600 series from D-Link (no, we aren’t making a Chicago gangster reference), we feel that this model is actually pretty decent-looking. There’s no two ways about it: these models were built in an era when internet providers were still charging us by the kilobyte, the MTV was a thing and you had to put a weird plastic thing on your cellphone to protect yourself from radiation.

Yet somehow, they’ve survived into today. They’ve done more than survive, actually. You’ll see the D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N 300 Router on many a table, be it in homes or offices. After all, not everyone has a blazing-fast internet connection, nor do they need multiple bands for smooth heavy bandwidth usage.

These people, let’s call them classic-oriented, simply need a working router. And the DIR-615 is just that. It has survived the Great Flood, the Black Death, several world wars and it’s still alive and kicking. Okay, okay, it’s not that dated. But it’s pretty dated. So if it is, why would you need the D-Link DIR-615 manual to configure it?

“Surely an advanced technology user such as myself can simply plug this thing in and browse the web in no time,” you might be thinking. Well, no. As old as the technology is, D-Link still isn’t going to let you use their routers quite so easily.

Where can I download the D-Link DIR-615 user manual?

One thing you’ll need the instructions for is figuring out how to access the router’s web interface through a browser, as this can be a tricky activity and vary greatly even among similar models. You also might need the D-Link DIR-615 user manual to learn how to prepare the good old brick for the apocalypse, where all the other flashier and newer models will perish due to weak construction. Or, you might just want to troubleshoot it. Whichever the case, the manual is waiting here:

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