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Download the D-LINK DIR-600 user manual

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Impressive wireless range. More LAN ports that you can throw a stick at. So many bits per second that your head will spin. Router manufacturers like D-Link are always trying to stuff their devices with as many features possible. Yet in their quest to churn out one high-tech gadget after another, they tend to forget a very basic thing: explaining how the user should configure the device.

Like any internet user, you probably fear the day when you’ll have to log in the router’s interface. What’s the username? What’s the password? What does this setting do? Even something like the DIR-600 Wireless N 150 Home Router, which is considered dated by most standards, can leave experienced computer afficionados scratching their heads.

Routers are often provided without a manual, and if you did happen to get one, chances are you’ve lost it. That means, as soon as there’s a router issue, you’ll probably have to call your ISP and have them guide you through the process step-by-step. In many cases, this will involve a hard reset that will wipe all the precious settings you’ve worked so hard to configure.

To help you avoid such a grisly scenario, we’ve made sure to dig up the D-Link DIR-600 manual for you. With it, your former reluctance to tinker with the router will start to look silly in hindsight.

Where to download the D-LINK DIR-600 User Manual?

Most importantly, the instructions will tell you the router’s default username and password and explain how to get to the login screen. The D-Link DIR-600 user manual also goes over each of the modem’s settings. Depending on your desire, you’ll be able to revert them to default or set them up exactly to your liking. What are you waiting for? Get our manual and put that beast of a modem on a leash: http://sharedf.com/documentation/d-link-dir-600-owners-instruction-manual/