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Even as router manufacturers scramble to invent the most complex, convoluted and artistic-looking model on the market, there are still people who prefer the simplicity of the old. D-Link knows this. They know it all too well. Why else would they still be selling a line of bricky, dial-up-looking routers?

That’s not a knock on the routers, though. Far from it. Something like the D-Link DIR-300 Wireless G Router still does its job even in the age of blazing-fast connections and alien-looking router designs. The router’s features are as basic as they get: a single 54mbps band, WPA and WPA2 support and a couple of LAN ports just so you don’t mistake it for a paperweight.

To some users, the lack of features with models like these can be crippling. But, if you already have it, chances are that you don’t need all the fancy stuff that the higher-end models are. Your connection might not be the fastest out there, you might not need three different bands, and a range of several hundred meters is probably be unnecessary. Maybe you just want a router that does what it’s supposed to.

If that is indeed your goal, look no further than the DIR-300. Well, look just a bit further. Why? Because, as old-fashioned as the router looks, thinking you can configure it without the D-Link DIR-300 manual might make you “disconnected” from reality, if you get our meaning.

Where can I get the D-LINK DIR-300 User Manual?

The presence of a built-in firewall should tell you that setting up the router is no piece of cake, especially if you want to make the most use of it. And, since these routers lack a wizard-type software that will try to set everything up for you, the D-Link DIR-300 user manual is really your only shining beacon of light:

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