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Did you guys read about that new discovery? Apparently, they found a D-Link router buried deep under a crevasse in Latin America. They say it’s the DIR-100 model, and while carbon dating isn’t that precise, they date it to somewhere in the Triassic period.

Okay, okay, we’re being cheeky. The D-Link DIR-100 Ethernet Broadband Router isn’t that outdated. It’s more like a throwback to simpler times. Back when we were using this model, we didn’t rely on washing machines to do our laundry: we slammed our clothes with rocks by the river. We hunted our food. The tribal elder was the rule of law.

Fine, no more jokes. While a bit older, the DIR-100 still finds itself on plenty of modern desks, and with good reason. It might not have the flashy features of the newer models, but it’s holding its own even as greater and greater internet speeds become introduced.

The fact that the DIR-100 was made quite a few years back means that it lacks decent wireless connectivity, so you might need a WAP device to transmit the signal across greater distances. Connecting the two can be tricky, and we recommend checking the D-Link DIR-100 manual for instructions on how to do that.

Where can I get the D-Link DIR-100 in PDF format?

Where indeed. How does one find the manual for a modem that was around back when the bow and arrow were considered remarkable inventions? Few sites mention it, and even fewer have the actual link.

For you, we launched a proper expedition like true Honorary Fellows and, after much exploration and fighting with the natives, found the complete D-Link DIR-100 user manual. It’s scanned, high-res and available through a simple direct link:

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