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The Best PC Gaming Desks

by Glenn

It is said that a man’s desk is the ledge upon which he perches over the world. It is said that the sturdiness of his desk will act in direct proportion to his success and fortune in life, and that a shaky or crumbling desk presents a terrible omen.

Okay, we don’t know if anyone really says that. What we do know is that gaming desks have been popping up ever since eSports became a thing (which is some time ago, actually). Thus, finding a modern computer desk these days is no issue. What you want to know probably boils down to two questions:

1.) Is a purpose-built desk for gaming worth buying?

2.) If so, what is the best gaming desk currently on the market?

Regular vs Gaming Desk

The answer to the first question is pretty straightforward. If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the PC, a gaming computer desk is a sound investment to make, just as a gaming chair is. Gaming desks boast several advantages over their standard and even office varieties, such as…

  • Better ergonomics
  • More surface space
  • More storage space
  • Added customizability
  • Killer looks

And a few others that we’ll cover. If you’re reading this, chances are you do indeed like your PC time, so it comes down to picking the right model to you.

And there are many. Oh, so many. Not to worry, as we’ve chosen a couple of desks that we feel cover every niche, and one of them should essentially be good enough for any gamer. Without much ado, let’s head over to our desky selection…

Best pure-blooded gaming desk: DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Newedge Edition

DXRacer best Gaming Desk 2019What we like: You were right to expect a DXRacer entry on this list, and the inclusion is well-justified. The model comes in three variations of a fairly unique and stylish design: black, black/green and black/red. Although it looks a bit flimsy, it’s anything but. The steel-and-plastic frame is quite sturdy, enough so that it allows a 10-degree slope without any structural compromise. Lean on it as much as you want, it’s not gonna fold even if you’re on the bulky side.

The DXRacer best Gaming Desk 2019 doesn’t stop impressing there, as it has some of the best cable management out there. As evolved as technology is, we’re still far away from full wireless, and cables under the desk can be the bane of many a gamer. One bad leg twitch and your monitor is unplugged (or on the floor). Not with this model: regardless of the rig you have, the desk will allow you to safely tuck the wires behind for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

What we don’t like: The price, for one. Likely due to the brand name and design quality, this desk tends to be listed in the $400 range, although you might be able to find it for less through some sellers. Furthermore, some users might find the basic surface limiting, which brings us to our next model…

Best accessories model: Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic best Gaming Desk 2019What we like: If you need to customize your desk exactly to your liking, look no further than the Atlantic Best Gaming Desk 2019. Like the previous model, the Atlantic was designed with gamers in mind, and we all know gamers need desk space.

The desk’s features are wholly impressive: a charging stand for whichever portable device you use often, standalone speaker and monitor stands, a nice old basket under the table to store your energy drinks and even a cup holder. Furthermore, the desk offers decent wire management, although we’d place it slightly under the previous model.

The price is another strong point, especially given the desk’s features, as it can sometimes be found for under $200 on Amazon. And, perhaps most importantly, all of the extra holders are detachable.

What we don’t like: Not much, really. One downside is the lack of both slope and height adjustment. This is made up for by the addition of a free monitor stand, although you might need to add your own to get the ideal height. Other than that, the surface can feel a bit narrow if you have more than one monitor on the desk, bringing us to our next model…

Best base-of-operations modern computer desk: Z-Line Feliz L Desk

What we like: This is the only L-shaped desk on our list, and for good reason. While not made specifically for gamers like the previous two models, you will find that many serious computer users go for this exact model, and with good reason.

Z-Line best Gaming Desk 2019The aesthetics are among the desk’s strongest points, especially for something so large. The glass surface is a rare touch on gaming desks, yet one that we feel should be considered more often. If you’re worried about the glass breaking every time you slam the desk, don’t be: as the Amazon listing will explain (and users will confirm), the glass is tempered, making it almost as sturdy as a wooden or steel surface. Key word being almost, but we’ll get to that later.

In terms of surface space, it doesn’t get much better than this. You can fit three monitors on the Z-Line Best Gaming Desk 2019 and still have enough space for dessert (quite literally). The desk’s design is such that it fits in any part of your home without causing too much clutter, despite the size. There’s also an extendable keyboard tray on one side and a raised monitor shelf on the other. All this for under $200 with some sellers? Sign us up.

What we don’t like: Although the manufacturer will tell you that the metal powder coat frame is solid, we feel it’s less reliable than the previous two models. It’s clear that design took precedence over integrity when making the frame, although not by a wide margin.

As tough as tempered glass is, it’s still glass, and particularly angry gamers could very well find the surface unsuitable. You probably don’t want to be sitting on this thing, although your cat will still be able to walk over your keyboard just fine. We also think that the L juncture could have been done better to allow for smoother transitioning between the desk’s sides.

Best portable gaming computer desk (yes, you heard it right): Origami Multi-Purpose Folding Desk

What we like: Innovation. Carrying your monitor around is a piece of cake. Your desktop? Just stuff it in a bag. Desks are another thing, however.

Whether you’re traveling to LAN parties, your cabin in the woods or your friend-turned-gaming-nemesis’ house, you probably won’t be able to bring your desk along with you. That is, unless you go for the Origami Best Gaming Desk 2019.

Origami best Gaming Desk 2019The manufacturer quickly and easily solved the difficulties that many gamers have when forced to adjust to a new desk by creating something that’s easy to fold and transport, even in a regular car. No more gaming on your little sister’s school desk every time you visit your family: the Origami will follow wherever you go.

Despite the innovative folding option, most who have bought the desk will tell you that the frame is surprisingly reliable. The manufacturer lists 100 pounds as the upper limit of what the desk can carry, and we can’t imagine you need to place anything heavier on it. Nothing shakes when the thing is assembled, and the spacey bottom shelf will host your rig, a printer and the heads of your fallen enemies. Adding to the laurels, the price tag barely goes over $100 on Amazon and the desk can sometimes be found for even less.

What we don’t like: The table’s structural integrity depends on the bottom shelf that could get in the way of your legs. You’re likely to end up resting them on the shelf at some point, which could conceivably compromise the entire table if you flinch too hard after being headshotted. Fortunately, most reviewers seem to have avoided this scenario.

As stable as it is, it still doesn’t instill as much confidence as a solid-frame desk, although that’s a sacrifice you need to make if you want to bring your table to family gatherings. There’s also very little in the way of cable management.

Budget, features and ergonomics: choosing what’s right for you

For all that they bring to the table (ha-ha), gaming desks feature very little in terms of height adjustment. Instead, the responsibility tends to fall upon the chair, which is why most dedicated gamers rarely go for just one or the other.

If you’re buying a gaming chair and a gaming desk, budget may become a concern. In our chair guide, we went over various models ranging from the most expensive and customizable to the budget-friendly yet reliable.

And while most chairs tend to do the same thing, desks are another matter. Whatever the best gaming desk for you is depends on your needs, your room size, the amount of free space in it and so on. Some gamers might find themselves crippled without an L-shaped beast like the Z-Line monstrosity , while others might not even be able to fit it in their room. Others might want to look the part, which is why we made sure to include the DXRacer gaming desk which, would you believe, fits perfectly with the company’s line of chairs, price tag be darned.

If you’re in the market for a gaming computer desk, you’re probably serious about your online slashing adventures. That means it’s also a good idea to check out our guide for the best eSports monitors of 2019, as these things are evolving faster than one can keep track of. Well, we’re keeping track of them for you and have chosen some of the smoothest and most reliable displays out there. The added surface of a gaming computer desk might also tempt you to get an additional monitor, as very few gaming desks these days aren’t built to handle multiple displays.

That’s not to say a single monitor set-up doesn’t warrant a gaming desk, of course. After all, when you’re in the heat of battle, deep in the enemy trenches, you don’t want your table folding unto itself, nor do you have much taste for accidental cable tugs. Any of our desks should help avoid either of those scenarios, so choose one and choose well. Your K/D/A depends on it.