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Download the AT&T EL52253 user manual

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Yet another generic-looking, generic-named cordless phone by AT&T. How exciting. Who would have thought, right? Okay, that was mean. We suppose they’re too focused on the phone’s inner workings to pay much attention to the design or, y’know, giving it a model name that won’t confuse virtually every user.

In case you’re having trouble telling the AT&T EL52253 Cordless Phone from the 52303 model, we’re here to clear things up for you: this device has two phone and headset units compared to the 52303’s three pieces. Less phones means less hassle, right?

Sure, but that doesn’t mean that configuring the EL52253 is a walk in the park. How could it be, right? The phone’s stand barely has enough range to cover your front yard. In all seriousness, even a single cordless phone unit can be a nightmare to set up, as these things seem to be shipped with the presumption that the consumer can communicate with the device telepathically. Wait, shouldn’t that be technopathically?

Whichever the case, these kinds of models are mostly used in offices, and offices aren’t very forgiving places. Without the AT&T EL52253 manual, you could be looking at a serious talk with your boss for forwarding the wrong call.

Where can I find the AT&T EL52253 user manual free of charge?

Because we don’t want you to get in trouble with your boss (or spend more time tinkering with a phone than you need to), we went ahead and dug up the AT&T EL52253 user manual for you. It wasn’t easy. Staff members were lost. But we did it. And you are just one click away from it: http://sharedf.com/documentation/att-el52253-owners-instruction-manual/