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These days, it can seem as though AT&T is everywhere. Wherever we look, we’re pestered with commercials convincing us that their internet plans are the fastest, cheapest and best we can get. As if that’s not enough, they’re selling an extensive line of products with their brand name, just in case we weren’t sure who’s giving us our cables.

The AT&T CL4940 represents an earlier effort by the ISP giant to break out into the telephony market. And, for the most part, it’s a pretty good attempt. Despite the age, the corded phone still holds up well against newer and fancier models, and the design somehow doesn’t look dated even though it feels like the CL4940 has been around for decades.

While backlit displays tend to be the domain of cordless phones, this is one example of a corded variety with a full-featured LCD screen. If you configure it right with a little help from our AT&T CL4940 manual, the phone will show you the time, give you a phonebook and even provide the much-needed caller number.

Where can I download the AT&T CL4940 User Manual?

That’s right. No more crank calls with this baby. If they thought they can prank you just because you’re using a dated corded phone, they thought wrong. The caller ID feature makes this phone a stalwart in government offices and similar institutions, where knowing who’s calling is of the utmost importance.

If you’re used to newer models, setting the phone’s display-oriented features can be a bit tricky. Moreover, the model has a few nagging issues that have been known to pester even tech-savvy users. Whether you need help with first-time installation or troubleshooting, our AT&T CL4940 user manual is available on quick dial:

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