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Apple’s surreal value experiment to continue with 2020 iPad Air

by Glenn

In a move that few believed will live to see, Apple’s foray into mobile devices focused on value seems to be continuing. Sources from Taiwan claim the firm is currently restructuring some of its supply chains in preparation for new iPad and MacBook models scheduled to debut in the third quarter of the year.

Looking at the overall development, the emphasis should be placed on Apple’s iPad strategy, if anything. Because a number of insiders with excellent track record of Apple-related leaks are getting us hyped for the iPad Air (2020), of all things. A 10.8-inch screen, likely the Apple A13 chip used by the massively popular iPhone SE (2020), and a price tag in the ballpark of $400 sound like an amazing value package, especially when you realize it’s coming directly from Cupertino.

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Assuming the new iPad Air will offer some level of Apple Pencil support, it’s getting really hard to give sensible advice to anyone that’s currently looking for a mid-range tablet meant to fill any purpose. Beyond just telling them to wait until Apple does something, of course.

How have ended up in this alternate reality in which Apple delivers stellar value for money and has a smartphone cheaper than even a decisively mid-range Android device like the newly released OnePlus Nord is something that will hopefully get easier to understand with the benefit of hindsight, but it’s surely a surreal thing to live through after watching Apple price itself out of many people’s pockets for two consecutive decade while still managing to frame such a move as coming from a position of power instead of naivety.