Affordable Epson ELPLP65 lamp replacement?

Projector LampsAffordable Epson ELPLP65 lamp replacement?
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If you want to buy the right replacement parts for your device, you should first definitely go through some tutorials available on the internet. From our side we created a few tutorials on how to get the right parts, one of them can be found here, and it’s definitely worth a look if you need a bit more info in regards to the different parts available for your lamp, and what’s currently trendy on the market: how to buy the right projector lamp. Once you got that behind your back, you can continue to our recommendation below:

Where can I find an affordable lamp to replace the one within my Epson ELPLP65

Your projector, as you probably already figured it out, can host the ELPLP65 replacement lamp, which is also going under the name V13H010L65 replacement lamp. Sellers usually love to point out either the first or the second name, although some use both of them within the full description. Now, regarding the brands, our own recommendation would be to go with the genuine Epson program, which features replacement lamps for around $70, but we’ll definitely understand if you can’t cash out that much and want to go with a third party manufacturer, just be sure to NOT buy used or refurbished units, it’s just not worth the money. Our own recommendation would be to go with this model: ELPLP65/V13H010L65 Replacement Projector Lamp for Epson Projector

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