Affordable Brother MFC 7340 Drum Unit?

PrintersAffordable Brother MFC 7340 Drum Unit?
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Buying replacement parts for your devices is not that complicated, but it asks from you to invest a bit more energy in to researching the market, figuring out which parts are compatible with your device and, overall, figure out if it’s worth spending that extra 30% on buying genuine parts, or going with the third party solutions. The Brother MFC 7340 Drum Unit has the same story behind it, but, luckily, the internet is here, and as with all things tech, we have a solution for you!

Where can I buy an affordable Brother MFC 7340 drum unit

Brother DR-360 Drum UnitThe MFC 7340 series of Brother printers is compatible with the BRTDR360 Drum Unit, also known as the Brother DR360 Drum Unit. Both names are used through the industry, so don’t be surprised if you come across a variation of it. In most cases you can’t go wrong if the description says DR-360, but try to always be sure that you’re buying a new and genuine replacement part, because used and refurbished ones are definitely not good (talking from experience). If you want to go with the best possible option, just visit Brother’s Replacement Part store on Amazon, there you can find your drum unit for around $80, which will, in return, get you another 12,000 yield. You can check it out under this link: Genuine Brother DR360 Drum Unit. Once you have the device in front of you, you can continue with the replacement process, which is done through these seven steps:

How to replace the DR-360 Drum Unit?

  1. Turn on your MFC-7340 and open the front cover of the device.
  2. Remove the old drum unit from the device, together with the toner cartridge in it.
  3. There is a green lock lever, push it to release the toner from the drum assembly.
  4. Unbox your new Brother MFC 7340 drum unit
  5. Take the old toner from the old drum assembly and slide it in to the new drum unit until you hear a click.
  6. Install the complete unit back in to your device, same position where you found it.
  7. Close up the front cover, done.
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