Are you willing to spend $6,699 on a MacBook Pro?

Tech NewsAre you willing to spend $6,699 on a MacBook Pro?
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Apple came late to the six-core CPU game, we know that, Apple knows that, fans know it also. And although some of us stopped believing in this years update, Apple came back to the scene, like an unwanted slap in the face, and presented the newest MacBook Pro’s with 32GB of RAM and the next gen Intel processors. So now we can finally stop complaining and put them back on the throne, right? No.

Apple started following trends, not creating them, and it’s starting to show

Let’s first go over the specs. We have the 13″ MacBook Pro with a quad core 8th gen Intel Core processor, ranging from the basic Core i5 up to the Core i7, with a maximum of 2TB of SSD storage and not more then 16 GB of RAM combined with an Iris Plus 655. The smaller model is then followed by his older 15″ model, which can go as high as the Core i9 processor, combined with 32GB of RAM and the Radeon Pro 560X, which is the rebranded 460 from two years ago.

And while other manufacturers already had some of these options for months, Apple decided to refresh its lineup after everybody else, combining it with outdated technology, like the above mentioned Radeon Pro 560X. Not only that, the price tag also went up, so in case you want a maxed out 15″ MacBook Pro, expect to pay around $6,699.00 + taxes. You’re still not entertained? Then let’s go over the repairability score.

Similar to the prior models, the keyboard (although third gen), battery and speaker are an all-in-one unit, if one breaks, the whole piece has to be exchanged. A similar setup is with the RAM, processor and SSD – if one brakes, the whole assembly needs to be exchanged.

With all of that in mind, the only comment which I have is that Apple needs a few years to step up their game, because as of now they are lacking in almost every step.

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