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Nikon D5: the 4K UHD DSLR that professionals need

by Contributors

Like its predecessor, the Nikon D5 aims to do more than just exist: its purpose is to set the standard for professional DSLR cameras past, present and future. There is no question as to whom the D5 is marketed towards: if you’re looking to buy it, you’re either a photography pro or someone looking to create some serious imagery.

Nikon D5 has the video fan in mind

Many photography professionals swear by Nikon‘s devices and wouldn’t dream of using a camera from a different manufacturer. When one takes a look at their flagship D5 model, it’s easy to see why: virtually every feature you could ask for is not only available but extremely polished as well. From taking high-quality photographs while recording a 4K Ultra-HD video to remotely controlling your device through a wireless controller, the camera doesn’t leave its owners wanting for features.

And while the photographs themselves are certainly stunning thanks to the D5’s 20-megapixel camera, market-leading autofocus and outstanding color capture, it’s the video recording that truly impresses. With the D5, you’ll feel like a pro cameraman whenever there’s a real-life situation that needs lossless and hassle-free recording. With all the praise the D5 is getting, it’s worth noting some less-than-perfect attributes as well, scarce as they might be. For one, comparing the D5 to a cameraman’s gear is just about the only time you’ll find it small – when compared to a regular camera or even some DSLR models, the D5 can feel a bit overwhelming. There’s also the price: at around $6,500 on Amazon, you aren’t likely to buy this camera to take some occasional family photos. That’s fine, though: as already stated, the D5 is aimed at serious users and delivers nothing short of serious performance.